The Information age love

Love is a feeling that is present universally, although it may be presented in many different ways from verbally expressing it to making physical contact, up to buying a present or offering that special loved one a one-of-a-kind moment. It can even be expressed through other many feelings such as kindness, generosity, respect, appreciation and regard. Although the Merriam Webster dictionary defines love as a: strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties, each person has their own definition of love.

I personally define love as a psychological state that can be evidenced physiologically in our organisms due to a series of chemical reactions in different parts of our bodies. Complicated huh? Not really nowadays. With all the technology at the touch of our fingers love is pretty easy to express and maintain…or not? I mean, now it’s way more easier than before; in the 90’s we had to write letters and wait for them to arrive to our loved ones and then wait again for the response to arrive in the mail. For those few friends who had beepers and computers they would be in contact much faster with their loved ones, as long as the other beeper was working or there wasn’t anyone on the phone when you wanted to press send to your electronic message. In 2017 we have various instant messaging apps which can make us communicate in real time, same as live video apps; we also have social media in which we can view, share, read, comment whatever friend, picture, video or event with our loved ones, all in just a second. Hell! we even have virtual reality in which I can even have sex with an Oculus Rift…OK, OK! It’s too much, I know.

The fact that we have access to so much information about practically everything, it gives us certain “advantage” in terms of getting to know a person although, let’s face it, we never ever get to know someone fully  since we are beings that constantly evolve and change; obviating that part, technology helps us elaborate a profile of someone by simply viewing their Facebook page or Instagram pictures; weather it’s true or not, well those are the risks we face using these tool. Just as easy it is to display all your life and personal information, it’s just as easy to create a facade of lies to hurt others, to not feel embarrassed of  yourself or just for the pleasure of it. It’s pretty easy to cheat society these days with the use of technology; it’s also easy to cheat love.information-age

Different from the fact that the introduction of technology in our love for others has been a great leap since now we can stay in touch at an instant timing rate and with more frequency, we can be easily deceived by the facility we have to fake our feelings and even our own identity using technology.

Love in the information age has brought us both positive and negative impacts that varies from person to person, but I guess that even though we are most likely to reconnect and get in contact more than before, we have been immersed in an impersonal kind of love, the love that connects us through wires and wires of fiber-optic cables and WI-FI spots instead of that warmth and firmness we can feel by holding hands with our boyfriends, girlfriends, children, friends or parents. This impersonal love feeds itself on remoteness, strangeness, instability and unpredictability. It doesn’t always turn like this though, it really depends on the transmitter and the receiver; the matureness, the seriousness, the distance, the love between them and many other countless factors.

Everyday there are more and more devices that estranges us into interacting and having a merely human experience between one another. We have virtual reality and human-like dolls that can “replace” the need of another human’s love, since it fills our void within in a satisfactory way…so satisfactory that we don’t even feel the need of loving or receiving love from someone else.

In my day-to-day life I’m in constant use of technology, even so that I sometimes get emerged in it and forget my surroundings, the nature or even the person next to me; it has become in some way, indispensable. I recognize that it’s something I have to change and I’m aware of it, but even though it’s an important part of me, it can never replace the love I have towards my family, friends and loved one. I still believe in the good old fashioned love in which we write letters to each other, take long walks in the park and sit down on an afternoon and just talk about how our days went. Yes, I use different apps and social media pages to stay in touch and communicate but I prefer the real-life, human feel kind of love; the one that I can not only feel, but also, touch, smell, look directly at and merely just experience that adrenaline rushing when I get to see him/her.

I live in the Information Age but don’t love exactly how this period has laid out for us.



Author: atriumofwords

20 something Manhattan born, Caribbean raised girl who is a senior Med Student, Biochemistry tutor and Violinist. She's an amateur writer when she's not at the library studying for finals. She loves music, traveling and eating.

3 thoughts on “The Information age love”

  1. It’s interesting of you to touch on this subject and you bring up a lot of good points. This post reminds me a lot of Neon Tree’s song “Love in the 21st Century.” I think you can gather what it’s about 🙂


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