What are your strenghts? What are your weaknesses?

So every time you have a formal job interview, these two questions are never left out: 

What are you strenghts? What are your weaknesses?

In my opinion, these are the hardest ones to answer; I mean, analyzing your whole personality in just 5 seconds is a moment of terror. It’s not that I don’t know myself it’s just that I’ve actually never had taken the time in my life to analyze my weaknesses and my strenghts.

The first thing that always come up in my head are the positive things: I’m very organized, I’m responsible, I’m a multitasker…and that’s about it really. (The nervousness and the 2 or 3 seconds to think are influencing factors). Then, while the human resources lady writes them down, you start thinking about your weaknesses…and then it all stops.

My weakness? I don’t think I even have them…man, I’m not that perfect but I can’t start saying all my defects to this lady If I really want a job…To be honest, I can’t even think of one right now.

And your weaknesses Ms.?

That is when time stops. 

Since I only have a couple of seconds to answer, I look at the window behind the interviewer and I look at her and reply tha first bad thing that pops up my mind: I’m very strict…meaning that I like things to come out in a certain way, I said.

The lady looks down at her sheet and starts writing what I say.

As a human being it’s rather difficult to find our weaknesses within. We might not even recognize them until someone else points them out for us.It’s not like people analyze themselves everyday either…unless you’re a yoga senpai or learned meditation at Bali (reference to Eat, Pray, Love).

Ain’t no one got time for that, I say in my head.

As we finish my job interview, I say goodbye to the human resources lady and walk towards the door. As I close it behind me I think: What are my real weaknesses?

It’s been a while since I don’t do an introspective analysis of myself; last time I did was at my psychologist’s office as part of the therapy like two years ago.

I admit, it’s not easy to identify within yourself the negative aspects of yourself. They are always kind of hidden beneath your bed in a locked box with a key that keeps loosing itself. Most of the times I do recognize my weaknesses, it’s usually when someone else points it out. Of course, it’s your job to identify the person who does to see if they’re doing it with a goodwill to help you, or with a bad faith to fuck you over.

After this interview, maybe I’ll take some time to sit down and unlock that box underneath my bed. Next time I get interviewed I hope I can answer: what are you weaknesses? with a full and secure response.


Author: atriumofwords

20 something Manhattan born, Caribbean raised girl who is a senior Med Student, Biochemistry tutor and Violinist. She's an amateur writer when she's not at the library studying for finals. She loves music, traveling and eating.

3 thoughts on “What are your strenghts? What are your weaknesses?”

  1. Did you get the job? Tip for next time – just tell a fib if you can’t think of anything. Tell them that you find it difficult to switch off after work (they’ll think you’re so into it). Just turn a negative into a positive. I used to work in HR. I never usually expected an honest answer anyway 🙂


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