People Say I’m Rich

People say I’m rich because I dress like an Escada model…truth is that I buy most of my clothes at the local thrift shop.

People say I’m rich because I walk like Naomi Campbell throughout the campus…truth is that my high self-esteem reminds me that I love myself and that I’m an important woman with a brilliant future ahead.

People say I’m rich because I went to a good private catholic school…truth is that my mother used to ask for payment extensions from Sister Alma because we barely made it through the month.

People say I’m rich because I live in my own home with my own bedroom and personal bathroom…truth is that my parents took big loans in order to finish paying off the house, one of the reasons why my mother asked for extensions at school in the first place.

People say I’m rich because I tend to leave the impression of a highbrow snob…truth is that I came from a humble upbringing in a small apartment on Elmhurst Ave. in Queens with a dad who barely finished elementary school and a mother who left her successful career to raise us. They also don’t know that my brother and I had Medicaid in order to pay for our health expenses and took WIC programs to be able to eat according to our needs.

People say I’m rich because I dine in nice places and enjoy the simple pleasures of traveling and exploring…truth is that I go to a public university where I pay US$11 dollars per semester and I work as a teacher’s assistant at school.

People say I’m rich because I speak four languages and play the violin…truth is that I’ve been awarded scholarships for some of those studies and that my violin professor never charged us for years in good faith towards his passions for arts.

People say I’m rich because of all of the above, but that’s because they never took the time to know my story, and they prefer to judge from the outside.

People say I’m rich because we live in a society that forms conceptions based upon your looks and appeals instead of your true personality.

People say I’m rich because the world itself is related with the materialistic goods you get to possess or enjoy instead of the values that hold up within yourself to make you into a better person.

Actually I do consider myself rich, but rich in perseverance, rich in dreams and aspirations, rich in family values, rich in hopes, rich in love, rich in goals, rich in tolerance, rich in honesty, rich in respect, rich in responsibility, rich in humility, rich in discipline, rich in attentiveness and loyalty.

People say I’m rich because instead of trying to change into someone better they waste their time looking at me and wishing they had what I have, meanwhile I plan my goal to be a person of academic success to contribute in the makings of a better world for our future generations.


Author: atriumofwords

20 something Manhattan born, Caribbean raised girl who is a senior Med Student, Biochemistry tutor and Violinist. She's an amateur writer when she's not at the library studying for finals. She loves music, traveling and eating.

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